Quantum Leadership & Self Authoring Retreat – Austrian Alps

09.-13.2020, 16.-20.03.2020


In three days you get Practical Intelligence for Quantum Leadership & Self Authoring in an exclusive group coaching curriculum. Applied Harvard Neuroscience and Embodiment to Transform your Life! Step into your Power!

Surrender to a New Perspective

Find Confidence, Abundance, Gratefulness, Indulgence, Success

16-20 March 2020

In three days you get Practical Intelligence for Self Authoring in an exclusive group coaching curriculum. Applied Harvard Neuroscience and Embodiment to Transform your Life:

  • How Successful People Think: Get the newest findings in neuroscience and developmental psychology.
  • Embodiment Work: as your “thinking” is strongly influenced by aspects of your body, we work with simple physical movements to make thoughts „visible“. By changing the movements, we offer new perspectives to your mind.
  • European Systemic Approach: By recognizing your patterns of behavior we help you to overcome limitations.
  • Self Authoring: Practice a new range of exercises to implement new routines in your subconsciousness. Take them home to keep self authoring your life.

For special requests you will receive further choices and contact options with your booking confirmation.


  • SELF AWARENESS TEST - Attend our psychosocial assessment. Access your full potential as a successful and charismatic personality
  • SOUL SPA – Open the gate ritual to higher consciousness (optional on the evening of day 3)


The Hochkönig region offers some of the most impressive mountain panoramas in Austria. 1600m above the sea level, nestled in the heart oft he Austria Alps, the picturesque village Maria Alm is home to Hotel Eder, which offers an intriguing blend of Austrian tradition and urban style. The pure, modern design of the studio apartments, which are using local materials creates an inspiring one-of-a-kind environment. The family owned, exquisitely designed boutique hotel is both internationally and locally acclaimed for its kindness, its warm atmosphere and its liaison of tradition and modern spirit. A beautiful and precious place for this personal quest of self growth.


  • double room (for your choice of single or double use) with bathroom, WC, balcony and parking spot for the full duration of the retreat
  • full board service with local highest quality ingredients – choice of vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free options: indulgent breakfast * buffet to start the day fuelled with everything local nature has to offer; light 3 course lunch; gourmet 4 course dinner; refreshments & healthy treats during the day. Served in a typically Austrian charming atmosphere.
  • Local Tax
  • course program
  • bonus program as listed above
  • course materials
  • Spa access (various sauna's, steam baths, therapeutic baths, pool..), bathrobe and slippers


your Bonus
The gate to higher consciousness
(optional, on the 3rd eve)

A contemporary European interpretation of traditional rites of ancient cultures is creating a peak experience into higher spheres of consciousness.

The enhancement of the natural function of your pineal gland will lead to a super stretched REM phase bridging left & right brain areas and thus, creating newly addressable, positively poled “space” in your mind. Side effects: perfect physical and mental detox.

Participation at this highly valuable bonus of the retreat is 100% voluntary. A fourth night including brunch with and evaluation on day 4 is complementary and our gift to you. The course program ends on day 3 at 17:00hrs CET, for all Soul Spa Participants it ends on day 4 at 15:30hrs. You may decide about your participation until the day before the actual Soul Spa event, receiving further information during your training.


In three days you get Practical Intelligence for Self Authoring in an exclusive group coaching curriculum. Apply Harvard Neuroscience and Embodiment to gain Confindence, Abundance and Gratitude.

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