Psychosocial Assessment / Interview


Psychosocial Assessment Interview & Coaching Session to Start Your Personal Development: Find out how far you have grown into a Successful Personality & Access your Full Potential TODAY!

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Have you unlocked your Full Potential?

This Psychosocial Test Method based on Harvard Findings gives you in depth answers about how far you have already grown into a charismatic and successful personality.  Via deep developmental listening, your coach specifies your exact location on the path of human socio-emotional growth (whereas our complimentary quick test only offers you a first idea of the area, where you currently find your home of emotional maturity). Determining, which behavior is part of your character, and which is due to your current socio-emotional level.

The Psychosocial Assessment consists of a set of personality questions, which you  They are charted  via developmental listening by specialists.  This Psychosocial Assessment has been developed by Harvard Scientist Dr. Otto. E. Laske. Subsequently, it has been furthered by Patterns of Life, checking for 17 distinct qualities in your answers.

Your assessment and its result consist of

__one coaching session live interview via zoom or skype (50mins)
__a PDF paper with your result: your exact Center of Gravity on the unfolding Stages of Human Socio-emotional Development (all listed) and how this applies to your life.
__a second coaching session with an analysis of what you have achieved, and furthermore, how you can access your full potential
__further recommendations curated for your Developmental Stage

Upon booking, you will receive an email to schedule your interview. You will receive your results in written format 7-14 days after the interview, and your Developmental Coach will arrange for another session of 50mins to offer more in depth explanations and answer all you questions about your current stage and how to access more of the potential that already waits for you to be accessed.

So lets find your location on the map of consciousness, get ready to step into your power!


Complimentary Test (FREE): If necessary, we will contact you via our given email address for another 24 words (yes, nore more!). In case we cannot assign a clear center of gravity without face-to-face Psychosocial Assessment, we will refund you within 10 days after our notification. Following demand, it may take us up to 15 workdays once you’ve sent your answers to the Emotional Maturity Test. If you need your results at certain earlier date, please let us know when and why via email with your filled out Assessment. We might just grant you a speed ticket.

Psychosocial Assessment (Full Interview purchasable product): Within 48 hours after your purchase you will receive an Email  with your scheduling details. Interview length is 50mins. Result will be sent in writing (PDF via email) and another coaching session (50 mins) will be scheduled after sending your results for in depth explanation dialogue.