Embodiment Supreme Socks – Letting Go



our latest embodiment product

Step into your Power

Step into Your Power – and Surrender to a Better Life.

Use our Systemic Priming Socks to access your subconscious and set out for what you really want.

Made of Supreme Cotton these Socks are perfect to wear with your business suit as well as with you jeans. They are suitable for both women and men and are available in 3 size ranges, small to large.

The Art of Letting Go just got fashionable!


Systemic Priming

anchoring into your subconscious

Embodiment as in systemic work, a version that’s very traditional in central Europe is changing toxic patterns in any kind of system: a family, a business, a relationship, a team or a nation. Its currently the only method we know, where all layers of consciousness can be involved – MIND, SELF, SYSTEM, SPACETIME and FIELD. Adding Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language and our own Pattern Work into the mix, we have an incredibly powerful tool to further human development. 

To integrate a powerful, welcome and beneficial emotion, you can simply step into it. Every morning.


Empowering Words to Manifest Your Success

The Art of Letting Go

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